The League

These are the custom rules specific for the league itself.
At this point in time, the exact time frame for the league is still being determined. More info will come as it is determined. The league itself will be hosted at QuickStop Games on 434 across from the Jamestown Plaza

The League
The league will run for a pre-determined number of weeks. Each gathering players will be split up into one or more pods. Each player will put in 3 dollars into the pot for their pod. The winner of the pod, as determined by achievement, will have the pot awarded to them as credit at QuickStop games. Further rules and or prizes are to be determined

Deck Construction Rules

Each deck will be constructed per the standard EDH construction rules. In addition the following rules will also apply.

Decks are built on a $23 dollar spending limit. As the league progresses the maximum cost of the deck will be increased at designated intervals. When pricing the deck use the lowest cost of the card as found on TCG Player.

  • The following cards maybe included in the deck and are not counted against the spending limit
    • Basic lands
    • Deck General
    • Ravnica bounce lands (ie Azorious Chancery, Boros Garrison, Izzet Boilerworks)
    • Guild specific Guildmage (ie Simic Guildmage)
    • Guild specific land (Prahv, Sunhome, Duskmantle, Svogthos, Skarg, Nivix, Orzhova, Rix Maddi, Vitu Ghazi, Novijen)
    • Guild Signet Artifacts (ie Gruul Signet)

The deck may only have one of the following designated legendaries as the general for their deck.

  • Azorious
    • Grand Arbiter Agustin IV
    • Isperia, the Inscrutable
  • Boros
    • Razia, Boros Archangel
    • Argus Kos, Wojek Veteran
  • Dimir
    • Circu, Dimir Labotomist
    • Szadek, Keeper of Secrets
  • Golgari
    • Sisters of Stone Death
    • Savra, Queen of the Golgari
  • Gruul
    • Ulasht the Hate Seed
    • Borborygmos
  • Izzet
    • Tibor and Lumina
    • (due to Niv-Mizzet's power he is not usable a general. this does not prevent him from being included in the deck build)
  • Orzhov
    • Tesya, Orzhov Scion
    • Ghost Council of Orzhova
  • Rakdos
    • Rakdos the Defiler
    • Lyzolda, the Blood Witch
  • Selesnya
    • Tolsimir Wolfblood
    • Chorus of the Conclave
  • Simic
    • Momir Vig, Simic Visionary
    • Experiment Kraj

The general may only be swapped for the alternative when the deck spending limit is increased. The deck build may only be adjusted when the spending limit is increased

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