Ravnica: City of Guilds

Ravnica is a vast, worldwide cityscape—a patchwork of grand halls, decrepit slums, ancient ruins, and layer upon layer of stonework structures. Of the world's countless civic centers, one looms large above all others: the City of Ravnica, a metropolis so vast that its name has long since become synonymous with the entire plane. It is here, amid mazes of streets and towering gothic spires, that Ravnica's guilds vie for power and control.

Ravnica's guilds had been openly at war for centuries, each claiming dominion over the others. Then something began to happen that gave the guilds pause: The spirits of the dead were lingering in the world. The guild masters of old agreed to divert their energy toward investigating the phenomenon, leading to the signing of the Guildpact, the ancient accord that established relative peace on the plane.

Now however, after millennia of peace the Guildpact is shattered. The Guilds raise up arms once more to wage war against each other. Mana flows more freely than ever before and so new planeswalkers are drawn to Ravnica, answering the call of the plane's power. Each has found themselves caught up in the fight for power as they come into conflict with each other and so have taken up with the guilds, entrenching themselves ever deeper into the war for Ravnica's secrets.

Each of the ten guilds mastered two of the five colors of mana, and each had its own cultural identity and essential function.

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  • The Azorius Senate was the primary origin of all laws on Ravnica. The Azorius believed that their rigid system of governance kept nearly everything on Ravnica running smoothly. Justice is blind, and that included the guild's venerable Grand Arbiter, Augustin IV, who some say was blind to Ravnica's most significant problems.
    • Planeswalker: Schaffer

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